Informal Advising
I frequently provide informal advice to graduate students, regardless of their Princeton affiliation. If you are pursuing a degree in law, public policy, or computer science, and you are considering a research project or career at the intersection of those fields, please reach out. I will try to find time.
Prospective Computer Science PhD Advisees
Please apply to the Computer Science PhD program and signal an interest in security, privacy, or policy. Your application will reach me.
Prospective Woodrow Wilson School MPA/MPP Advisees
While the MPA and MPP programs do not involve a formal faculty advisor, I would be glad to provide research feedback and career advice. Please reach out. If you are not yet a Woodrow Wilson School graduate student, please direct any questions to the Graduate Admissions Office.
Prospective Undergraduate Advisees
If you would like to pursue a senior thesis or junior independent work project that spans computer science and public policy, please reach out. If you are not yet a Princeton University undergraduate student, please direct any questions to the Office of Admissions.